Our Critics

Our Critics
Movie Critic Roger Ebert on At The Movies
Roger Ebert
Roger Ebert has been the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times since 1967. In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism.
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Movie Critic Christy Lemire on At The Movies
Christy Lemire
Christy is the film critic for The Associated Press, based in Los Angeles. She has been writing reviews for the AP for 12 years and was named the first full-time film critic in the news organization's history in 2004.
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Movie Critic Ignatiy Vishnevetsky on At The Movies
Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
Ignatiy is a critic and essayist for MUBI.com, co-founder of the acclaimed Cine-File.info, and a contributor to The Chicago Reader.
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Movie Critic Alison Bailes on At The Movies
Alison Bailes
Alison Bailes is the film critic for More Magazine and appears on NBC’s Today Show as a film critic and industry reporter. She also guest hosts the New York Film Critics series.
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Movie Critic Dann Gire on At The Movies
Dann Gire
Daily Herald film critic Dann Gire serves as the president and founding director of the Chicago Film Critics Association.
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Movie Critic Jeff Greenfield on At The Movies
Jeff Greenfield
Jeff is the CBS news analyst whose friendship with Ebert goes back to their days as editors of college dailies in the 1960s -- Jeff at Wisconsin, Roger at Illinois.
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Movie Critic Annette Insdorf on At The Movies
Annette Insdorf
Annette is Director of Undergraduate Film Studies at Columbia University. Her books include "Double Lives, Second Chances: The Cinema of Krzysztof Kieslowski," "Francois Truffaut," and "Indelible Shadows: Film and the Holocaust."
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Movie Critic Kevin Lee on At The Movies
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee is Editor in Chief of Fandor, a new video on demand website featuring the best of independent and international films.
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Movie Critic Nell Minow on At The Movies
Nell Minow
Nell writes about culture, media, and values as the Movie Mom for Beliefnet.com, and reviews movies and DVDs every week for radio stations across the US and Canada.
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Movie Critic Omar Moore on At The Movies
Omar Moore
Omar is an award-winning college writer and City College of New York and Rutgers Law School graduate and also an attorney and film critic.
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Movie Critic Kim Morgan on At The Movies
Kim Morgan
Kim can be found at Sunset Gun and also writes essays for MSN Movies, and authors and runs MSN's daily film blog, the Hitlist.
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Movie Critic Jackson Murphy on At The Movies
Jackson Murphy
Jackson Murphy got an early start reviewing films. He attended his first movie (Disney's "Mulan") a month before he was born, and legend has it he kicked his mother during the funny parts. Going to the movies quickly became his passion.
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Movie Critic David Poland on At The Movies
David Poland
David is creator, co-publisher, and editor-in-chief of Movie City News, a leading film news aggregation and original content site for eight years.
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Movie Critic Kartina Richardson on At The Movies
Kartina Richardson
Kartina is a filmmaker and founder of Mirrorfilm.org, a film commentary and video essay site.
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Movie Critic Matt Singer on At The Movies
Matt Singer
Matt Singer is the on air host of IFC News and a regular contributor to its website, IFC.com.
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Movie Critic Chaz Ebert on At The Movies
Chaz Ebert
Chaz Ebert is the Executive Producer of "Ebert Presents At The Movies" and has contributed to the show on several occasions, including her reports from the Cannes film festival, appearance in Beyond The Balcony, and segments on Sony Pictures Classics.
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