Episode 217

(11 Nov, 2011)

Viewer Mail: Episode #217

Transcript for Viewer Mail: Episode #217


Okay, on a much happier note by popular demand, we’ve gone back into our viewer mailbag.  You guys have excellent questions to ask, hopefully, we have some answers.  We’ve chosen a few of them; we’re going to do them right now. 
Starting out with our first question from Evan Dang.  Hi, Evan.  Who wants to know: “How do you base your expectations on a movie? Do things like source material, who is in it or writing/dircting it, budget, name value, etc. factor in?”
IGNATIY VISHNEVETSKY: Um, I’d be lying if I said that they didn’t, but I think they factor in more into say analysis than expectations.  I mean the best thing you can do is approach a movie on its own terms, but still you have to acknowledge the fact that movies are, for example, they’re made by people you know, and that factors in who actually worked on the film.  What you know about this person’s work, and all of that affects how you watch something.
CHRISTY: I try very, very hard not to look at trailers or ever read screenplays.  I kind of want to go in with an open mind and just sort of be dazzled and surprised hopefully.
Well, our second question comes from Burdell Woodlin, who asks: “Do you get to take a friend/friends to film screenings? If yes, can I be your friend?” You can be my friend anytime, Burdell.
CHRISTY: Come be our friend, yay.  It depends on what it is. Sometimes it’s super secret or it’s super crowded and you cannot bring a guest, but if a friend asks, “Hey, I wanna go see Drive.  Will you take me to Drive?” I will do that or if it’s a premier, and there’s a fun party afterward or whatever, it is much more fun to go with a friend, and so, sometimes.
IGNATIY: However, because it’s a job, we mostly see movies at 10 am, 12 pm when most of our friends are at their jobs.
CHRISTY: Our friends with real jobs are working.
IGNATIY: Our friends with real professions.  
CHRISTY: So, yeah, so sometimes. Okay.
Our last question is from Christopher Hanson who asks: “Why does Ignatiy never wear a necktie?” I have been wondering this all year.
IGNATIY: This is a pressing question.  Why don’t I wear a necktie?  Actually, the reason is because most people don’t wear neckties to movies um at least not since about 1955 I think.
CHRISTY: Also, we have stylists because we can’t dress ourselves, so our stylists are delightful and choose handsome ensembles for him that are neck tie free.  Anyway, thanks so much for all of that.  We love our questions.  Please send us more on our Facebook page, and we’ll try and get to as many of them as we can.