Episode 218

(18 Nov, 2011)

Chaz Ebert on the status of "Ebert Presents"

Transcript for Chaz Ebert on the status of "Ebert Presents"


Hello, my name is Chaz Ebert and I'm the executive producer of Ebert Presents At The Movies. My husband Roger and I recently posted an article at Rogerebert.com explaining that we needed underwriters to help us keep our show on public television beyond the end of this season. Thank you for responding. You have told us you value the show and want to see it return.  Please bear with us while we evaluate the various alternatives. 

I also want to remind you of the important role your contributions play in bringing quality programming to public television. If you want to stay informed about our efforts you may visit our website at rogerebert.com or ebertpresents.com.