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Roger's Office: A Small Act

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Now it’s time to drop by Roger’s Office. Today he's reviewing a little movie with a big pay off...A SMALL ACT.

Many years ago a women in Sweden named Hilde Back
began sending a small check every month to help a 
student in Kenya attend school. This is Bill Curtis speaking for Roger Ebert. That student, named Mburu, eventually graduated from Harvard Law School and today is a United Nations Administrator. The documentary "A Small Act" is about how he started a scholarship fund in Kenya named in her honor.

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We meet three students who hope for scholarships that will allow them to get into high school

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And we meet Hilde Back, a Holocaust survivor who is now 88 years old.

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I had the honor of meeting Hilde Back when she attended this year's Ebertfest. She is a small dynamo of positive energy. Chris invited her to Kenya, where he grew up in a mud hut, and could see the enormous changes made possible by her small monthly donations. "A Small Act" is a wonderful documentary, a tribute to the hopeful side of human nature.