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Genres: Drama

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Golden Globe nominee Paul Giamatti stars as Barney Panofsky, a Jewish Canadian television producer who reflects in flashbacks on three strange decades -- and three wives -- in this adaptation of Mordecai Richler's acclaimed novel. There's Clara (Rachelle Lefevre), a free-spirited proponent of free love; "Mrs. P" (Minnie Driver), a self-centered princess; and Miriam (Rosamund Pike), the right woman who comes along at the wrong time.

Cast: Paul Giamatti, Rosamund Pike, Minnie Driver, Scott Speedman, Dustin Hoffman, Jake Hoffman, Mark Addy, Saul Rubinek, Rachelle Lefevre, Bruce Greenwood

Director: Richard J. Lewis

Release Year: 2010

Length: 132 minutes

Rating: R

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