Genres: Action, Drama, Romance

Review: Bellflower

Transcript for Review: Bellflower

"Bellflower" subtly morphs right before your eyes from a sweet, idyllic love affair into something disturbingly dark and violent. "Subtle" isn't a word you would apply often here, but the film's brazenness is part of its allure. Glodell even built the camera used to shoot "Bellflower," which allows for an oversaturation of colors that vividly reflects his characters' extremes. We begin to wonder what's real and what's imagined as the film reaches its explosive conclusion. "Bellflower" is only Glodell's first feature, and he's an exciting, original new voice. I can't wait to see more from him. It opened in August and is expanding to more cities, and it will be out on DVD November 15.