Boogeyman /Return of the Boogeyman


Genres: Horror

Classics from the Vault: Women in Danger (1980)

About Boogeyman /Return of the Boogeyman

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A brother and sister are terrorized by a psychotic spirit in the first feature of this double bill. As children, Lacey (Suzanna Love) and Willy (Nicholas Love) killed their mom's abusive boyfriend. Years later, Lacey accidentally frees the dead man's spirit from an old mirror, and it goes on a murderous rampage. In The Return of the Boogeyman, psychic dreamer Annie (Kelly Galindo) must stop the evil being from committing his next murder.

Cast: Suzanna Love, Ron James, John Carradine, Nicholas Love, Kelly Galindo, Omar Kaczmarczyk, Raymond Boyden, Felicite Morgan, Bill Rayburn, Richard Quick, Llewelyn Thomas

Director: Ulli Lommel, Deland Nuse

Release Year: 1980

Length: 158 minutes

Rating: R

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