Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Classics from the Vault: Changing Attitudes toward Homosexuality (1982)

About Cruising

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After a serial killer brutally murders several gay men in New York's S&M and leather districts, cop Steve Burns (Al Pacino) goes undercover on the streets, where he must learn the complex rules of the underground gay subculture if he's to catch the psycho. Karen Allen co-stars as Burns's girlfriend in this gritty 1980 thriller, which sparked protests from gay rights groups at the time of its release but has since developed a minor cult status.

Cast: Al Pacino, Paul Sorvino, Karen Allen, Richard Cox, Don Scardino, Joe Spinell, Jay Acovone, Barton Heyman, Gene Davis

Director: William Friedkin

Release Year: 1980

Length: 102 minutes

Rating: R

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