Don't Go in the House


Genres: Horror, Thriller

Classics from the Vault: Women in Danger (1980)

About Don't Go in the House

Don't Go in the House box art

Abused as a child by his sadistic mother -- who continued to keep a tight psychological grip on him into adulthood -- disturbed loner Donny Kohler (Dan Grimaldi) unleashes his pent-up misogyny when mommy dearest passes away. Luring unsuspecting women to his home, Donny shackles his victims in a fireproof room ... where they end up on the business end of a flamethrower in this twisted shocker from director Joseph Ellison.

Cast: Robert Osth, Dan Grimaldi, Ruth Dardick

Director: Joseph Ellison

Release Year: 1980

Length: 82 minutes

Rating: R

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