Easy Rider


Genres: Crime, Drama

Classics from the Vault: Movies that Changed the Movies (1979)

About Easy Rider

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With cash from a cocaine sale, freewheelers Billy and Wyatt hop on their motorcycles and ride across America toward New Orleans. Along the way, they add boozy lawyer George to their trouble-finding, society-questioning entourage. Dennis Hopper writes, directs and stars in this landmark 1960s counterculture film; Peter Fonda co-writes and co-stars. Jack Nicholson earned a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his role as George.

Cast: Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, Karen Black, Phil Spector, Sandy Brown Wyeth, Robert Walker Jr., Luana Anders, Sabrina Scharf, Antonio Mendoza, Mac Mashourian, Warren Finnerty, Tita Colorado

Director: Dennis Hopper

Release Year: 1969

Length: 95 minutes

Rating: R

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