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Roger's Office: Fast Five

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Our next film may not have teenagers, but it has Vin Diesel.  Roger reviews Fast Five.

The new action thriller "Fast Five" is a skillful example of what I like to call a "Crash Crash Bang Bang" movie. This is Rick Kogan speaking for Roger Ebert. It brings together Vin Diesel, Paul walker and Jordana Brewster from two earlier "Fast and Furious" movies, and relocates them to Brazil, where they want to steal a bank vault.

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Yes, I said they want to STEAL a bank vault, not "break into" it. They use steel cables to drag it behind two high-performance cars on a high speed chase.

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…I'm not convinced you can do that in real life. 

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Dwayne Johnson, another muscular action star, joins the cast. He's a cop, so of course he has to have a mano-a-mano with Vin Diesel.

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The movie is non-stop, wall-to-wall action, including something I've noticed in several movies lately, roof-top jumps that would break the ankles of a lot of people, not to mention their legs. But the movie is high-energy escapism, and action sequences are well constructed, and Diesel and the Rock can somehow almost seem plausible in this stuff. From me, a moderate thumbs up.