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Christy Lemire
Flat and episodic, filled with idiotic misunderstandings.

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Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
You do always feel like you’re kind of laughing with the characters instead of laughing at them.

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Hall Pass
I was just reading an article about the oddly prolonged adolescence of American males, especially those in the movies. There's a common fantasy where the guys get away from their wives and girlfriends, and escape to where they're free to guzzle beer, eat sloppily, belch, fart, leave pizza boxes on the floor, scratch their butts, watch sports on TV, and in many other ways become irresistible to hot chicks. When was the last time you saw a man under 30 in the movies who had a stable marriage, a job, children, and a life where he valued his wife above his buddies? …Read Full Review
Roger Ebert - Chicago Sun-Times - 02/24/2011