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Roger's Office: Thoughts on 3D

Transcript for Roger's Office: Thoughts on 3D

Ok, so we're going to take a little break from reviewing new releases this week to focus on a trend that clearly isn't going anywhere: 3-D. Now, Roger, Ignatiy and I all have very different opinions on the technology. So while it might be tough to come up with definitive answers, we're at least going to ask some questions and explore where 3-D works, where it doesn't, and where it's going from here.
Let’s get started with Roger’s thoughts on 3D.
When was the last time you saw a movie and found wishing it had been filmed in 3D? My guess is--never! Two dimensions in a movie are enough to create completely convincing realism and they always will be.


Look at Indiana Jones here. Would you it help if he seemed closer to you and the rolling boulder seemed further back?


Here's a scene from "The King's Speech."  Absolutely good in two dimensions. No serious dramatic film ever needs to be in 3D.

The problem with 3D is that it's less convincing than 2D, not more. Our eyes see the world in complete depth all at once. We don't separate it into parts that are closer and parts that are further away.


Now here's the wonderful new movie "Rango." It was shot only on 2D. Look at the sense of depth and movement we get in this chase scene. Look at the brightness and clarity of the images. You don't have 3D glasses robbing you of about 20 percent of the brightness from the screen.


One example of 3D used by its supporters is James Cameron's "Avatar." Yes, it looked great. I agree. It cost $250 million and Cameron spent years on it. Even so, do you have any complaints about it here in 2D? Don't you enjoy the brightness?

The bottom line is: 3D is not necessary. In most cases, it essentially exists as an excuse for charging higher ticket prices. We are charged extra money to see a film that looks too dim and can be so distracting because we notice the 3D effects and not the story. Since most 3D movies are family films, this is a rip off for parents. And most kids don't really care. They're just happy to be at a movie.

Well, that’s where Roger stands on 3D, and I totally agree on his thoughts on Rango. It’s so beautiful and tactile and great in 2-D.