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Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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Christy Lemire
Fast-paced, hugely stylish ,and a lot of fun - if you can ignore the nagging questions that keep popping into your head.

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Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
Supposedly about what makes us human...but the film doesn't have an ounce of humanity.

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Review: `In Time' is slick but repetitive sci-fi
With "In Time," writer-director Andrew Niccol takes a clever, compelling idea -- that time is currency and you can buy your way to immortality or die broke -- and beats it into the ground. For a movie about the importance of maximizing every second, "In Time" ultimately grows repetitive and wears out its welcome. …Read Full Review
Christy Lemire - Associated Press - 10/26/2011

In Time: "Time is Money" - Ben Franklin
We are all of us engaged in the trade of buying and selling time. When we stop smoking, we hope we are buying years. When we drink and drive, we are willing to sell a few years. But those are gambles with the odds. "In Time" is a science-fiction movie in which time is a fungible commodity. Are you willing to pay for 10 minutes of sex with an hour of your life? …Read Full Review
Roger Ebert - - 10/26/2011