Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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When the fearsome ghosts of a slain peasant woman (Nobuko Otowa) and her daughter (Kiwako Taichi) start exacting their bloody revenge on the arrogant samurai warriors who raped and killed them, a local lord sends out brave warrior Gintoki (Kichiemon Nakamura) to vanquish the menace. But Gintoki's loyalties are torn when he discovers that the angry spirits are those of his own mother and wife. Kaneto Shindô directs this surprisingly erotic drama.

Cast: Kichiemon Nakamura, Nobuko Otowa, Kiwako Taichi, Kei Sato, Taiji Tonoyama, Rokko Toura, Hideo Kanze, Eimei Esumi, Masashi Oki

Director: Kaneto Shindo

Release Year: 1968

Length: 99 minutes

Rating: NR

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