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Alright, our next movie is the dark comedy "Lucky." Colin Hanks stars as Ben, a sad-sack legal clerk who wins the Iowa State Lottery and finds himself $36 million richer. This suddenly makes him attractive to Lucy, the woman he's loved since childhood -- without much success -- played by Ari Graynor.

Clip -- Ari Graynor jogs outside Colin Hanks' house

Why yes, that is Ann-Margret as Ben's mother, and she doesn't get much to do besides dither and worry. But Ben might not be as sweet and innocent as he looks. He might actually be ... a serial killer. Jeffrey Tambor plays the detective who questions him.

Clip -- Tambor interrogates Hanks in living room.

Hanks has that same likable demeanor as his father, and Graynor shows some unexpected flashes of humor. But "Lucky" just never works tonally, and the whole serial killer undercurrent is never exploited for its maximum suspense potential. Director Gil Cates Jr. just sort of picks it up and drops it off here and there. And if it's meant to be a cautionary tale about the perils of newfound wealth, "Lucky" really has nothing new to say. Thumbs down.

Well, it never works tonally because it has no sense of tone. It seems to be reaching for this very dark, bleak comedy, you know, with this whole serial killer sub-plot. Um, but then it’s also trying to be a very ordinary, kind of Sundance style Indie with these music montage scenes, you know the Wes Anderson derived, uh, head on framing of objects on a table; things like that. Um, just it doesn’t work.

Yeah, the thing with the bodies piling up, I mean that comes out of nowhere. It never works. Um, Ari Graynor is never likable for a second. I mean she’s kind of cute, but she’s steaming.

Well, neither, neither character is likable, but if you’re making a film about such, you know, unlikable characters, you have to have a firmer control of what you’re doing on this screen, and this movie is…

Make them interesting…

Or make a movie at least interesting to watch.