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Movies That Made Us Critics: Magnolia

About Magnolia

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Through chance, human action, past history and divine intervention, an eclectic cast of characters (including Tom Cruise, Julianne Moore, William H. Macy and more) weaves and warps through each other's lives on a random San Fernando Valley day, building to an unforgettable climax. Paul Thomas Anderson writes and directs this thought-provoking mosaic of American life, woven through a series of comedic and poignant vignettes.

Cast: Tom Cruise, Julianne Moore, Jason Robards, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Luis Guzmán, Philip Baker Hall, April Grace, Ricky Jay, Orlando Jones, William H. Macy, Alfred Molina, Jeremy Blackman, Michael Murphy, John C. Reilly, Melinda Dillon, Melora Walters, Michael Bowen, Felicity Huffman, Henry Gibson

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Release Year: 1999

Length: 188 minutes

Rating: R

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