Midnight in Paris


Genres: Comedy, Romance

Roger's Office: Midnight in Paris

Transcript for Roger's Office: Midnight in Paris

In his 75th year and after directing more than 40 films, Woody Allen has just had the biggest opening of his career. I'm Bill Kurtis, speaking for Roger Ebert. His whimsical comedy "Midnight in Paris" seduces audiences with its story of a would-be novelist who is visiting Paris with his bride-to-be.


Owen Wilson plays the hero, who I think sort of stands for Woody. Rachel McAdams is his intended wife. He's a second-rate Hollywood screenwriter who dreams of someday writing a great book.


They plan to get married, but have different goals in life. He dreams of living in Paris and writing fiction. She'd like to have an upper-crust American life just like her parents.


One night at midnight, something magic happens and the hero is transported back in time into the Paris of the 1920s, and meets his heroes Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Gertrude Stein. Anyone who ever took an English lit is going to love this delightful wish-fulfillment. I give "Midnight in Paris" thumbs up.