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Review: My Week With Marilyn

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Christy Lemire
No matter how good Williams is -- how good she always is -- the Monroe she gets to work with only has two gears.

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Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
A really flimsy movie propping up a performance that frankly isn't all that great.

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My Week With Marilyn
The success of "My Week With Marilyn" centers on the success of Michelle Williams in embodying the role. With the blond hair, the red lipstick and the camera angles, she looks something like Monroe, although she's more petite. What she has is the quality that was most appealing: She makes you want to hug her, not have sex with her. Monroe wasn't bold in her sexuality, not like her contemporaries Jane Russell or Brigitte Bardot. She held it tremulously in her grasp, as if not knowing how to set it down without damaging it. …Read Full Review
Roger Ebert - Chicago Sun Times - 11/21/2011

Williams gives it her all as 'Marilyn'
As good as Williams is — as good as she always is — and as devoted as she clearly was to embodying this woman fully, you never truly forget that you’re watching an extended impression of the pop culture icon. A lot of that has to do with the fact that this is indeed a legend she is playing, and it is difficult to take mythology and turn it into something tangible and true. But the script from Adrian Hodges, based on memoirs by Colin Clark, does not offer Williams much substance or subtlety with which to work. …Read Full Review
Christy Lemire - The Associated Press - 11/25/2011