Mysteries of Lisbon


Genres: Drama, Mystery

Review: Mysteries of Lisbon

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All right, and now we’d like to take a moment to rewind back to the summer.  As there were a couple of must-see movies that we didn’t get to review.  I can’t think of any movie in recent months that has moved me, fascinated me or entertained me as much as MYSTERIES OF LISBON. The plot doesn’t exactly lend itself to an easy summary, but it all starts with a teenage boy in 19th century Portugal wondering about his origins.


From there, MYSTERIES OF LISBON unfurls into a head-spinning series of disguises, closely-guarded secrets, and flashbacks-within-flashbacks-within-flashbacks. The director of this epic, playful costume drama is the great Raul Ruiz. Ruiz passed away unexpectedly this August, making MYSTERIES OF LISBON the last film he completed during his lifetime. He’s one of those directors everyone should try; he made over 110 movies—everything from head-scratching puzzle films to kids movies to dance documentaries to thrillers, and he worked all over the world. I guarantee that, whoever you are, there is a Raul Ruiz movie out there that you will love, and I can’t think of a better introduction to the world of this strange and brilliant artist than this movie. It’s in limited release, you really have to look for it, but we’ll let you know when it’s out on DVD. But just to let you know it is four in a half hours long, but it’s got enough plot for at least 30 movies.