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Roger's Office: Rio

Transcript for Roger's Office: Rio

Yeah, well, also opening this weekend is “Rio.”  Which is hopefully much less suffocating and much more sunny.  Roger’s back in his office with the review.

The new 3D animated comedy "Rio" is upbeat and colorful and a lot of fun. I’m Bill Kurtis for Roger Ebert.  It tells the saga of a rare blue Macaw named Blu, who is captured in Brazil and shipped off for pet stores in America. He's so young he hasn't even learned to fly yet.

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A parrot scientist brings Blue back from America because he's the last surviving blue macaw in the world--and unless he mates with a girl parrot named Jewel, his species will die. Jewel isn't very impressed.

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Jesse Eisennberg is the voice of Blue, Anna Hathaway is Jewel, and that's George Lopez as Rafael, sort of a matchmaker.

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The would-be lovebirds are captured by smugglers and chained together, and Rafael helps them escape.

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"Rio has a lot of music by everyone from Sergio Mendez to The animation is by the same team that makes the "Ice Age" movies, and it's a riot of colors. Birds in my opinion don't make the most charismatic of animated characters, but so much is happening that doesn't matter. This is a good choice for younger viewers, although maybe a little routine for their parents.