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Roger's Office: Scream 4

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No it’s not 1996.  But director Wes Craven is back with Scream 4. I’m Christy Lemire of the Associated Press.

And I’m Ignatiy Vishnevetsky of  Let’s get right to it. Roger is in office with a review of “Scream 4.”

The new horror film "Scream 4" does a pretty good job of being "Scream 4," and since that's probably what the Scream fans want, I guess it succeeds on its own terms. I’m Bill Kurtis for Roger Ebert. Like in the other Scream movies, the characters in this one are sophisticated about horror movies, and devote dialogue to dissecting the genre before being dissected themselves. Even the voice of the killer seems to be in on the game.

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Courteney Cox stars as the wife of the sheriff. She sees the return of the killer as her chance to get back her job as a TV reporter.

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Those are Erik Knudsen and Rory Culkin, who like some of the other characters talk like they hang out a lot at web sites about horror films. Emma Roberts stars as the niece of Neve Campbell, who has been terrorized by Ghost Face for what seems like forever.

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David Arquette plays the local sheriff, trying to track down who has been receiving threatening phone calls.

"Scream 4" reunites the team of director Wes Craven and writer Kevin Williamson, who have mastered the idea of a horror film where the characters know all about horror films. That provides some good moments, especially at the beginning when the movie satirizes horror movie cliches. But basically the movie is devoted to one victim after another being slashed, skewered, stabbed, gutted and sliced, and maybe that's your idea of a good time but it's not mine.