Genres: Biography, Crime, Drama

David Poland: Sidney Lumet

About Serpico

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Based on the real-life story of New York City undercover cop Frank Serpico (an honest man who was grievously wounded for refusing to take part in the corruption forced upon him by his peers), this movie ranks among Al Pacino's greatest film roles. Directed by Sidney Lumet, Serpico is at once an indictment of corrupted authority and a shining testament to one man's effort to reform the New York City Police Department.

Cast: Al Pacino, John Randolph, Jack Kehoe, Biff McGuire, Barbara Eda-Young, Cornelia Sharpe, Tony Roberts, Norman Ornellas, M. Emmet Walsh, F. Murray Abraham, Judd Hirsch

Director: Sidney Lumet

Release Year: 1973

Length: 130 minutes

Rating: R

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