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Next up is “Take Me Home Tonight," a nostalgic homage to all those romantic comedy romps of the 1980s. Now, I really wanted to like this movie, because this IS my adolescence. “Take Me Home Tonight" is set in the San Fernando Valley, where I grew up, in 1988.  I also really wanted to like Topher Grace -- I am always a fan of his. He helped come up with the story and stars as Matt Franklin. Matt's a recent M-I-T graduate, but instead of landing some important engineering job, he's slogging away at a video store at the mall and living at home with his parents. But as is so often the case in these movies, this reserved guy goes a little crazy over one long night.

Clip 5 -- Stealing the car

That's Dan Fogler as the obligatory wacky best friend.  And the always likable Anna Faris co-stars as Matt's twin sister, Wendy. Now, Matt's still in love with his secret crush, Tori -- the beautiful, blonde prom queen -- played by Teresa Palmer. Back in high school, Tori wouldn't give Matt the time of day on her Swatch watch. Now that he's told her he's a big-time banker at Goldman Sachs, she's suddenly interested.

Clip 3 -- I love this song

Of course, all of Matt's lies will eventually catch up with him. And his moment of truth must take place in front of a massive crowd of people.

Clip 8 -- The ball speech

They should hand out a list at the door of “Take Me Home Tonight" so you can check off all the '80s movie cliches: The raging party. The nerdy guy who finally gets the girl of his dreams. The pretty, popular girl who's tired of being pretty and popular. Director Michael Dowse doesn't go for full-on parody, like "Not Another Teen Movie," but he doesn't breathe any new life into these conventions, either.

You know this movie is set in 1988, but to me it seems more like a time capsule of a different, more innocent, bygone time I like to call 2007.  

All those years ago…

All those years ago when this movie was actually made.  It was an innocent time when people thought the 80s were funny.  I’m not really sure why this film is set in the 80s.  It seems like little more than an excuse for gags and hose gags just end up dragging whatever force the film actually could have like for example in the sub-plot with the Farris character down.

This feels a lot like Hot Tub Time Machine in that once you get past the novelty of all the kitchy Members Only jackets and the acid washed jeans it’s like, “Ok, what’s left” There’s not a whole lot of story here.

It’s just formula, yeah.  There’s not that much in the plot.

But there’s a lot of coke use and it’s very flagrant, there’s a crazy threesome that goes on out of nowhere and maybe that’s why they had to set this back then to go to those extremes because it was such an excessive time perhaps.

I still can’t think of a reason why this couldn’t have been set in the present.