Take the Money and Run


Genres: Comedy, Crime

Classics from the Vault: Mel Brooks or Woody Allen? (1980)

About Take the Money and Run

Take the Money and Run box art

Music-loving nebbish Virgil Starkwell (Woody Allen) launches his criminal career at a young age, but despite his failure to successfully pull off a single bank heist, he continues on an endless string of botched stickups even after he weds and starts a family. Renowned newsreel voice Jackson Beck narrates this uproarious faux documentary about the life and crimes of a bungling crook and his preposterous exploits.

Cast: Woody Allen, Janet Margolin, Marcel Hillaire, Jacquelyn Hyde, Lonny Chapman, Jan Merlin, James Anderson, Jackson Beck, Howard Storm, Mark Gordon, Micil Murphy, Minnow Moskowitz, Nate Jacobson

Director: Woody Allen

Release Year: 1969

Length: 85 minutes

Rating: PG

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