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We didn’t like WAR HORSE, but, fortunately, there’s another Steven Spielberg movie in theaters– THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN. Adapted from Herge’s classic comic books, it’s Spielberg’s first animated film, as well as his first movie in 3D. Now, working in a new medium seems to have really lit a creative spark for Spielberg; the movie is visually very imaginative, taking full advantage of the sort of stuff you can only do in an animated movie.

Jamie Bell voices intrepid boy reporter Tintin. The greatest of all motion-capture performers, Andy Serkis—the man behind Gollum in LORD OF THE RINGS and Ceasar in this year’s RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES—plays his Scottish sea captain buddy, Archie Haddock. Together, they must find a treasure hidden by Captain Haddock’s ancestor. 

THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN has a lot of energy; it seems like every five minutes there’s a chase, a fight or a big set-piece. The Spielberg movie it resembles the most is INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE—it’s got the same blend of self-aware humor and action. But this sort of manic storytelling also means that the film often feels like it doesn’t know where it’s going, and when the ending finally comes, it’s a letdown. Still, it’s a lot of fun, and I give it a thumbs up. 

CHRISTY: Thumbs up from me as well.  Um, I had not read the comic book that this is based on.  I know you are a fan of them.

IGNATIY: I’m a big Tintin fan, yes.

CHRISTY: Right, I don’t think you need to have ever read them or seen them to get into this and have a lot of fun with it.

IGNATIY: Well, I think this is completely its own thing.  It’s such a different mode of storytelling.  It’s such a different approach to the characters.  Visually it doesn’t even look anything like the comic books.


IGNATIY: This is kind of like the anti-War Horse you can say because it is—well because War Horse is Spielberg trying to recreate a very old-fashioned form of craftsmanship and making something that’s kind of boring, actually.

CHRISTY: Right, and now use technology that’s new to create something different.

IGNATIY: And here he is trying to recreate—yeah to create something completely different.  There’s a great chase scene here that’s a single take that goes on for several minutes.

CHRISTY: Right, yeah, it’s a blast.  It’s for the whole family, too, I think, not just for kids.