The Company Men


Genres: Drama

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Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
This workmanlike drama is earnest and sometimes corny. Though it doesn't always feel authentic, it never feels forced. 

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Christy Lemire
It feels like TV. It feels pat.

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The Company Men
The happiest people I come into contact with seem to be those who have real jobs. In the last few weeks, I've talked with a Mac­intosh tutor, a doctor, a set designer, a stagehand, a heating and air-conditioning man, a lawyer, a Web designer, my editor, an animator and Millie Salmon, the woman who is my caregiver, although that job description makes me sound more decrepit than I am. …Read Full Review
Roger Ebert - Chicago Sun-Times - 01/19/2011

Hard to muster sympathy for 'Company Men'
Previous movies about the country's recent economic recession, such as "Up in the Air" and the documentary "Inside Job," have championed the regular folks who got shafted and heaped due scorn on the corporate moguls who benefited nonetheless. …Read Full Review
Christy Lemire - The Associated Press - 12/07/2010