The Greatest Movie Ever Sold


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Review: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

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Ok, next movie.  Product placement is when a company pays to have its goods or services prominently featured in a movie or television show. That’s pretty much all you’re going to learn about the subject from our next film, POM WONDERFUL PRESENTS THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLD, the latest from Morgan Spurlock. Like Spurlock’s SUPER SIZE ME and WHERE IN THE WORLD IS OSAMA BIN LADEN?, The film addresses its subject by way of a gimmick, and the gimmick here is that the entire movie is being funded through product placement.

Clip 3 / “The pitch.”

Though he’s met with resistance from major companies, Spurlock successfully sells space in his film to a number of smaller brands, including, of course, Pom Wonderful.

Clip 2 / “Making the Deal”

Along the way, he interviews a number of product placement professionals, opponents and that eternal mainstay of topical documentaries: random people on the street.

Clip 4 / “What is your brand collateral?”

Though it’s occasionally funny – a good bit involving Ralph Nader and a pair of shoes stands out – the movie is ultimately too rushed and too thin. Spurlock throws in tangents about public schools, brain scans and filmmaking, but never manages to explore any subject fully. It’s ironic that the film is ultimately more interesting for its product placement than for anything it has to say about product placement. 

You know what’s funny, I came home from this movie and there was an Easter Bunny waiting for my son that somebody had sent him, but it wasn’t just any Easter Bunny.  It was the Russell Brand Easter bunny from Hop.  It was E.B. complete with a certificate of authenticity that it is indeed E.B. and I thought that’s perfect.  It’s everywhere, it proliferates everything we do, every product we buy…

Including this movie.

Including this movie and I liked it more than you did.  I would give it a thumbs up because of the sheer power of Morgan Spurlock showing up and being Morgan Spurlock is hugel enjoyable and you know like Michael Moore, he inserts himself into his documentaries, but Michael Moore is strident and pound you over the head with an idea that he already has.  Whereas Morgan Spurlock is kind of taking you on this journey with him.  He has some ideas he’s investigating.  We’re kind of along for the ride.

I think he’s playing dumb.  You know, he’s glib and he’s mugging.  In the best moments, which are sort of these comic stunts, it’s really just a watered down Ali G routine or something like that.

Ha! No, he’s his own guy, he’s not a fake character.  No, he’s a likable guy. Yes.

No, he is likable, but with the esception of the product placements there is nothing in this movie, he has nothing to say besides to show us the Pom Wonderful board room or the Sheets board room. 

No, but the way the manipulation occurs where like the companies can tweak the script or tweak ascene where the placement of their product.  I think most people don’t know that.  I think that will be a surprise for most people.  I don’t think he proves his point. I didn’t want to go out and have a Pomegranate juice afterwards.  It didn’t work for me on that level. He doesn’t quite make that, but it’s still amusing.