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Okay, even if you think the idea of Jonah Hill as a babysitter sounds funny, you probably still won’t enjoy our next movie, “The Sitter.” Hill stars as the inept and useless Noah, who gets roped into watching a trio of obnoxious, misfit kids as a favor to his mom.

One of the worst parts of “The Sitter” is its streak of ethnic humor, which in theory is supposed to be edgy and all-inclusive but ends up feeling lazy and cheap. Many of these jokes involve Kevin Hernandez as the family’s dangerous adopted son, Rodrigo. 

“The Sitter” comes from director David Gordon Green, who has a history of acclaimed films like the indie romance “All the Real Girls” and the comedy “Pineapple Express.” This is just baffling by comparison – a lethargic slog from one wacky or gross set piece to the next. It’s all meant to be shockingly hilarious until it does an abrupt 180 and tries to be sweet and earnest. None of it works. Thumbs down from me.

IGNATIY: Thumbs down from me as well, um, however I didn’t think it was a slog.

CHRISTY: Did you laugh ever?

IGNATIY: I didn’t really laugh.



CHRISTY: But it wasn’t a slog, either.

IGNATIY: But it wasn’t a slog.  Watching this film I found myself liking what David Gordon Greene was doing as a director much more than I actually liked the movie. I think he keeps a really brisk pace in this.  That doesn’t make it funny.  That doesn’t make it good, but at least he keeps things moving.

CHRISTY: I would not even say that.  If…it’s like 80 minutes long.  It felt so much longer to me.  No one in this thing is likable. No one is a real person. I kept waiting for it to end.

IGNATIY: That’s all completely true.