The Solid Gold Cadillac


Genres: Comedy, Romance

Nell Minow: Corporate Villains

About The Solid Gold Cadillac

The Solid Gold Cadillac box art

Howard Teichman and George S. Kaufman pillory big business and big businessmen in this adaptation of their Broadway play in which a minority stockholder, Laura Partridge (Judy Holliday), brings the arrogant execs of a large corporation to their knees. To quell Laura's constant complaints, they give her the puffed-up position of Shareholder Relations -- but this cushy job doesn't satisfy the conscientious Miss Partridge.

Cast: Judy Holliday, Paul Douglas, Fred Clark, John Williams, Hiram Sherman, Neva Patterson, Ralph Dumke, Ray Collins, Arthur O'Connell, George Burns

Director: Richard Quine

Release Year: 1956

Length: 99 minutes

Rating: NR

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