Tower Heist


Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime

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Christy Lemire
Slick and crowd pleasing - even more so than Ratner's "Rush Hour" movies.

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Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
It's got a lively energy, and - for the most part - a very good cast.

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Movie Review: 'Tower Heist' is so fun, it's criminal
"Tower Heist" is an ensemble, and a strong one at that, led by Ben Stiller, Alan Alda, Matthew Broderick, Casey Affleck and Tea Leoni. But Brett Ratner's blast of an action comedy truly brings out the best in Eddie Murphy, something many of us may have forgotten even existed. …Read Full Review
Christy Lemire - The Associated Press - 11/02/2011

Tower Heist: A tricky way to hide and steal two tons of gold
If it had provided me with nothing else, "Tower Heist" would have afforded me the sight of a solid gold automobile being lowered from the penthouse of the Trump Tower with Matthew Broderick dangling from it. Sometimes you appreciate such simple human spectacles. To be sure, Trump Tower has been renamed "The Tower," and the man dangling from the car isn't the Donald, but this is an imperfect world. …Read Full Review
Roger Ebert - - 11/02/2011