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Hot & Now: Bobby Fischer / The Troll Hunter

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My Hot and Now pick is the documentary "Bobby Fischer Against the World." Speaking about ranting, it follows the rise and fall of the tormented chess genius, who came from poverty in Brooklyn and reached the peak of his power and fame at 29, when he beat world chess champion Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union. The year was 1972, so their showdown was not just a competition, but a reflection of Cold War tensions that enraptured the world.

/clip - "It was the Super Bowl ... it was that important." Dick Cavett speaking, people crowding around TVs.
Fischer was already eccentric and anti-social, but his victory pushed him over the edge. Director Liz Garbus tells Fischer's story in a pretty conventional way, with talking heads and newspaper headlines, footage of chess matches and old interviews with Fischer himself. But his story is so fascinating, weird and sad, and Garbus has researched it so thoroughly, it's still extremely compelling. You can watch "Bobby Fischer Against the World" on HBO starting on Monday, June 6.
Well, my pick for Hot & Now this week isn’t a documentary, it’s a mockumentary. It’s THE TROLL HUNTER, an imaginative, low-budget adventure movie from Norway. A group of film students are shooting a documentary about bear poaching when they accidentally stumble upon the troll hunter, a man who works as a sort of game warden for Norway’s population of mythical giants.
He’s played by comedian Otto Jespersen, who gets a lot of mileage out of playing this slayer of fairy-tale beasts as an over-worked, underpaid and perpetually unfazed government employee. Every troll, after all, just means more paper-work and more cover-ups. Quickly-paced and dryly funny, THE TROLL HUNTER is a fine way to spend a summer evening. It’s currently available on Video on Demand, and will also be playing in a few theaters around the country.
I need to check this out.  It looks very fun and weird and clever and good.