X-Men: First Class


Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama

Roger's Office: X-Men First Class

Transcript for Roger's Office: X-Men First Class

Most movies about comic book superheroes begin with the stories of their origins. "X-Men First Class" is the fifth film in the X-Mene series, and finally gets back to the beginning. This is Bill Kurtis speaking for Roger Ebert.

We meet the Nazi madman Sabastian Shaw, played by Kevin Bacon, who hopes to recruit mutants for his evil schemes.
 Against him is Charles Xavier, played by Charles Xavier, who recruits young mutants to use teir superpowers for good.

The story centers on Magneto, played by Michael Fassbender, who can control metal with his mind. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Magneto actually turned missiles around in mid air. Somehow this didn't make the history books. I'm sorry, but the sight of those missiles shuttling back and forth struck me as hilarious.

One of the most intriguing X-Men is Raven, played by Jennifer Lawrence, who is a shape shifter."X-Men: First Class" is  competent weekend entertainment. The performances are good, the action is packed, and the noise is loud.

As comic book movies go, it's better than "Thor" and not nearly as good as "Spider-Man Two." I give it a marginal thumbs down.