Your Highness


Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Roger's Office: Your Highness

Transcript for Roger's Office: Your Highness

A truly awful new comedy named "Your Highness" is a front runner for the title of worst movie of the year. Can you believe its stars include Natalie Portman and James Franco? I’m Bill Kurtis for Roger Ebert.  It's a farce set in a medieval kingdom where an evil sorcerer kidnaps a princess bride-to-be. Here he comes to capture the clueless bride, played by Zooey Deschanel.

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She was going to marry Franco. Here he and Danny McBride team up with Natalie Portman's warrior woman to track down the sorcerer and free the princess.


Portman's motivation for joining their quest seems a little strange, since she can hardly stand the lecherous brother played by McBride.

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The two brothers don't seem to realize they're in the middle ages. They seem to occupy a pothead comedy.

One surprise is that the movie is wall-to-wall with obscene language. The filmmakers are like kids who think its funny to use the f-word. The most depressing thing for me is that "Your Highness" was directed by David Gordon Green. He made some of the best movies of the last ten years, like "All the Real Girls," and now he's making this trash.