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That’s a scene from “Cars 2” but do the talking autos still have the magic? I’m Christy Lemire of The Associated Press.

And I’m Ignatiy Vishnevetsky of Let’s get right to it. Roger’s in his office with the review. 

As a general rule, sequels are weaker than the films that inspired them. That's why "Cars 2" is sort of a surprise. This is Bill Kurtis speaking for Roger Ebert. The movie is a radical retread, shifting the locale from a small town on Route 66 to a World Grand Prix in London, Tokyo and Italy.

/clip “Start of Tokyo Race” (:43)

The red car is our hero Lightning McQueen, with a voice by Owen Wilson. His best friend is a lowly tow truck named Mater, with a voice by Larry the Cable Guy, who is not quite sophisticated enough for the world circuit.

/clip “Bathroom” (:48)

The plot involves a war between traditional fossil fuels and new sources of alternative energy. Michael Caine and Emily Mortimer do the voices of two spies who get involved.

/clip “Disguises” (:45)

Caine's character gets involved in a big chase and reveals that cars have technological abilities not even hinted at in the first film.

/clip “Oil Rig Chase” (:56)

I liked "Cars 2" more than the original, and   suspect its director, John Lasseter, also did. Lasseter is a big-time car lover, and here he breaks loose into a dazzling spy thriller filled with tricky visual details and lots of in jokes. At a time when most sequels are disappointments, "Cars 2" is an entertaining, thumbs-up surprise.