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David Poland: Stanley Kubrick

Transcript for David Poland: Stanley Kubrick

It’s the 40th anniversary of Stanly Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange.” Our contributor David Poland takes a look at that film, as well as, Kubrick’s other classics.

For me Kubrick is the greatest director ever. He left us just 12 films. At least, 12 that he wanted us to see, and each one of them is perfect, intriciate and filled with images and ideas that have been etched into culture forever. It’s neen 40 years since A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, my personal favorite.

But, more importantly this year Warner Brothers and Criterion Collection are putting out the entire Kubrick collection. So, we will now be able to see every film he ever made done in fabulous Blu-ray. Here’s 9 of them starting with SPARTACUS through EYES WIDE SHUT.

Criterion is picking up the other ones. Amazing. It’s not just the moments that everyone remembers from the Kubrick films that make him so very special, it’s the moments that maybe you’ve forgotten over over the years that you now have a chance to remember on these Blu-rays.

Thank you, David.