Don't Answer the Phone


Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Classics from the Vault: Women in Danger (1980)

About Don't Answer the Phone

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Kirk Smith stars as a psychopathic shutterbug with a troubled past, who uses his job and the radio call-in show of psychologist Lindsay Gale (Flo Gerrish) to audition a series of beautiful victims. After brutally torturing one of the shrink's patients and murdering two wanna-be models, the killer sets his sights on Gale. But with street-smart cop Chris McCabe (Rad Fulton) and his sidekick on the case, Smith isn't likely to get away with murder.

Cast: Rad Fulton, Ben Frank, Flo Gerrish, Nicholas Worth, Denise Galik-Furey, Stan Haze, Gary Allen, Michael D. Castle, Pamela Jean Bryant

Director: Robert Hammer

Release Year: 1980

Length: 94 minutes

Rating: R

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