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Roger's Office: Even the Rain

Transcript for Roger's Office: Even the Rain

Movies about the making of movies often have a special fascination. Hi, I’m Chaz Ebert, the voice of Roger Ebert.   EVEN THE RAIN, a new Spanish film, tells the story of a movie about the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America. But to save money, the production has been moved to Bolivia, where the local Indians will work for only $2 a day. Gael Garcia Bernal plays the director of the film, and Luis Tosar plays the penny-pinching producer.

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Everything starts going wrong when a local actor with an important role gets arrested for leading demonstrations against an American company that controls the water supply and is charging the locals more than they can afford.

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Their movie is about how Columbus exploited the peaceful natives he found in the new land. In taking a critical view of Columbus, the filmmakers don't realize they're doing the same thing more than 500 years later. 

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EVEN THE RAIN shows the tight-fisted producer developing sympathy for the Indians, while the idealistic director turns out to be interested only in his film. It was Spain's choice for Oscar consideration this year, and no wonder. It's worth looking for.