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Hot & Now: The Perfect Host / In the City of Sylvia

Transcript for Hot & Now: The Perfect Host / In the City of Sylvia

Okay, Hi, now it’s time for our Hot & Now segment where we take a look at some movies that are on demand or on DVD. My pick this week is "The Perfect Host," a sly, twisty little thriller. David Hyde Pierce stars -- unsurprisingly -- as a sophisticated, genteel bachelor getting ready to host a dinner party. But a stranger shows up at the front door of his Hollywood Hills home -- a bank robber on the run played by Clayne Crawford. He talks his way in by pretending to be a friend of a friend.

Clip 1 -- David Hyde Pierce and Clayne Crawford talking and drinking wine.

But neither of these men is exactly who he seems. Pierce seems to be having fun toying with his persnickety image, and Crawford keeps you guessing as a guy who's as dangerous as he is good-looking. It's available now through Video on Demand, and it'll be in theaters starting July first.

My pick for Hot & Now this week is IN THE CITY OF SYLVIA. It's one of my favorite films of the last few years, and it's finally out on DVD. A young man is visiting the city of Strasbourg, in Northern France; there,, many years earlier, he met a woman named Sylvia, and he hopes to meet her again. That's the gist of the set-up for a film that manages to lucidly touch on longing, city life, desire, imagination, voyeurism, youth, memory, and, ultimately, the act of looking itself -- something it accomplishes with barely any dialogue.

/clip - bar scene

At once understated and romantic, IN THE CITY OF SYLVIA is a symphony of glances, faces, alleyways and city breezes. It manages to convey something intangible with poetic clarity. It’s available on DVD. I'd recommend also checking out the special features, which include another film about the same subject by writer-director Jose Luis Guerin.