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Hot & Now: Marwencol / Rubber

Transcript for Hot & Now: Marwencol / Rubber

Now it’s time for our “HOT & NOW’ segment where we get to make our picks on movies you can watch right now on your computer, Video on Demand or DVD. 

My Hot and Now pick is a surprising and insightful documentary called "Marwencol."  Director Jeff Malmberg takes us inside the highly imaginative and detailed life of Mark Hogancamp, a former Navy man who was nearly beaten to death in 2000. He came out of a coma with brain damage -- and to rebuild his life, he built a fictional, World War Two-era Belgian town in his backyard. And he called it Marwencol. 

CLIP -- Mark discussing the characters and their lives. There are plenty of them. 

With its meticulous attention to detail and fully-formed characters, Marwencol became not just a hobby to Mark, but his entire life.  Not nearly enough people saw "Marwencol" when it came out last year. But hopefully that will change -- it'll be available on DVD next week.

Well my pick for Hot & Now this week is about a tire that rolls around a desert and makes people’s heads explode using its psychic powers. Just so you know, there’s a lot of violence in this movie but the situations are so intentionally unrealistic that it comes off being more funny than horrifying.  It’s called RUBBER and it opens with a sheriff climbing out the trunk of a car to inform the audience that every great film contains at least one unexplained element. RUBBER contains many unexplained elements, and though I wouldn’t call it great, it is a heck of a lot of fun.

45:13 “Now point it at me and shoot” - 45:50 “Shoot again.”

This grisly, surreal comedy juggles a lot of premises—not only is it a movie about a killer tire, it’s a movie where all of the characters know that they’re participating in or watching a movie—and manages to combine all of those premises into something that’s entertaining, energetic and doesn’t make a lick of sense. It’s currently available on demand, and also playing in select theatres around the country.  

And here are some other movies now available on DVD.