My Dog Tulip


Genres: Animation, Drama

Roger's Office: My Dog Tulip

Transcript for Roger's Office: My Dog Tulip

Almost all human beings desire one thing, and that is to be loved. This is Werner Herzog speaking as Roger's voice. That human need must have been discovered tens of thousands of years ago by dogs, who evolved into creatures who gave their human masters unconditional love.

//clip of Tulip playing with Ackerley, ending with Tulip licking him on the nose

In 1956 a lonely middle-aged London bachelor named J. R. Ackerley despaired of ever finding love in his life. That is when a German Shepherd named Tulip cast her lot with him. For 16 years they loved happily together.

//clip showing scenes from their life

Ackerley wrote the classic book "My Dog Tulip," which has now been beautifully made into an animated film for thoughtful people. He describes his deep relationship with Tulip, which include his awkward attempts to help her become pregnant.

//clip sound up

"My Dog Tulip," now in release around the country, was directed by Paul and Sandra Fierlinger and based on her evocative drawings. It is a heartwarming life story,  narrated by Christopher Plummer. The voice of J. R. Ackreley sister represents the final performance of the late Lynn Redgrave. This is a wonderful film, reassuring us that sometimes love really is a bitch.