Genres: Comedy

Classics from the Vault: Changing Sex Roles (1980)

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Martin Mull stars as the would-be patriarch of a Marin County, Calif., family bent on experimenting with every 1970s-era lifestyle craze, including vegetarianism, free love and psychobabble therapy. But when daughter Joanie gets kidnapped by a religious cult, the family will have to come together to her rescue. Perhaps they'll discover they held the secret to happiness all along. Tuesday Weld and Christopher Lee co-star in this entertaining satire.

Cast: Martin Mull, Tuesday Weld, Jennifer McAllister, Sam Chew Jr., Christopher Lee, Sally Kellerman, Anthony Battaglia, Bill Macy, Nita Talbot, Pamela Bellwood, Ann Weldon

Director: Bill Persky

Release Year: 1980

Length: 86 minutes

Rating: R

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