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Hot & Now: Something Wild / Some Like It Hot

Transcript for Hot & Now: Something Wild / Some Like It Hot

Well, now it’s time for our “HOT & NOW’ segment where we pick some of our favorite films now available on DVD, On Demand, or streaming online.

My pick for Hot & Now this week is Jonathan Demme's off kilter 1984 film SOMETHING WILD, which is being re-released on DVD. Jeff Daniels plays yuppie Charles Diggs. A girl who says her name is Lulu –uh, she's played by Melanie Griffith, by the way -- kidnaps Charlie, throws away his beeper and takes him to her hometown to serve as her high school reunion date. SOMETHING WILD begins as dark comedy, turns into a love story and then becomes a psychological thriller with the arrival of the sinister Ray, played by Ray Liotta in this first major film role.


This is a one-of-a-kind movie that deserves to be known as a classic. To me, it's still stands as the best work of Demme's career.

My Hot and Now is one of the greatest comedies ever made and it's now available on blu-ray. It's "Some Like It Hot," a quintessential Billy Wilder comedy. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon star as musicians who witness a mob hit and have to go on the run. But they end up dressing in drag to join an all-female band -- which makes it tough to hit on Marilyn Monroe.

/clip -- Jack Lemmon in drag saying good night to Sugar in the train bunks

It's a crazy, sexy, silly farce -- fast-paced and full of mistaken identities. But because Billy Wilder is the director, "Some Like It Hot" manages to find just the right balance of sweetness, just the right tone every time. Curtis and Lemmon have an effortless chemistry. Monroe is, of course, mesmerizing. And it's got pretty much the most perfect ending you'll ever find.

You know these two movies actually go really well together in my opinion.


SOMETHING WILD, the early parts of it always reminded me of a Wilder film and if Charlie Diggs isn’t the name of a Wilder character in a Billy Wilder movie then I don’t know what is.