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Speaking of weird next up, we're going to talk about "The Human Centipede 2." No really, we are. This is the sequel to the infamous horror film from last year. And whether or not you saw it, you surely know what it was about, and I am not making this up when I tell you about it: a mad scientist abducts three people and stitches them together – one person’s mouth to another person’s bottom - to form one long digestive tract. This time, a tubby, sweaty parking garage attendant named Martin is obsessed with the original film and watches it ... all  ... day.

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But Martin doesn't just watch the movie. He wants to recreate it. And three people aren't enough -- he wants to make a human centipede with a dozen people. His targets include the unsuspecting fools who leave their cars with him, his neighbors and even one of he stars of the original film. It's all one big in-joke.

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Director Tom Six pushes the limits we only thought he'd pushed to the maximum the first time. But at least the original "Human Centipede" had some artistic merit. It was shot beautifully, it was original, and there was elegance to the simplicity of the storytelling, It was very suspenseful with none of the gratuitous violence that marks today's so-called torture porn. Here, everything is gratuitous. And because there are so many more victims, the whole exercise just grows repetitive and boring. Thumbs down from me.

IGNATIY: This is in some ways easier to admire than it is to enjoy. Um, well.

CHRISTY:  What do you admire about it?

CHRISTY: Well, okay I’ll tell you this: here’s the thing about the first HUMAN CENTIPEDE right.  It’s a movie whose central concept is so outrageous that there is no way the film can actually do it justice.  You know, the idea is so disgusting, and the film doesn’t even try, you know, all it has to do is just have that scene with the doctor explaining what a human centipede is. Um, the thing about this film is that it is actually more disgusting than the idea of…or it tries to be more disgusting more outrageous than this idea of a twelve person human centipede. Um, and you know I admire I guess Tom Six’s guts in a way.

CHRISTY: That’s like the one bodily fluid that you don’t really see in the movie…is…is guts. But I don’t really know what the point is, right? I mean the first movie…

IGNATIY: There’s no…

CHRISTY: There’s some vague nobilitiy to the doctor’s plan, right. He’s trying to create a medical break through. This guy is just depraved. What’s the point?

IGNATIY: Well, I think that’s the point is to make a film that is as absolutely as horrifying as can be, but the thing is that it ends up being really joyless.


IGNATIY: It’s just really an exercise in gore like, and I like, you know, violent and gorey films sometimes especially when they’re playful about it.  When it’s, you know, something like Street Trash or you know a very recent example you didn’t like but I liked Hobo With A Shotgun, but this feels…it’s almost like academic exercise.  It’s kind of a dull movie.

CHRISTY: Yeah the fact that the guy does not say a single word, right, Martin just sort of grunts and squeals here and there doesn’t help at all.  Like the fact that he’s deciphered doesn’t in anyway justify his actions.

IGNATIY:  I think it’s part of Six’s design but I think just the design is… it’s a failure.

CHRISTY: Is it that he wants to show horror fans look you wanted me to push it, here you go.  Is that all it could be? I don’t know.

IGNATIY: Yeah…I think that’s what he’s trying to do the thing is that the result is…it’s by design absolutely no good


IGNATIY: It’s a…It’s a boring, you know, grimy movie, and that’s what you get.