The Wrong Man


Genres: Crime, Drama

Omar Moore: The Wrong Man

Transcript for Omar Moore: The Wrong Man

Up next, our contributor Omar Moore takes a look at the Hitchcock noir film THE WRONG MAN.

Close your eyes for a second: Imagine, it’s 1953. You’re in New York City and your name is Manny Balestrero. You are the wrong man. Well, in 1956 Alfred Hitchcock didn’t just close his eyes, he shot this film, the WRONG MAN.

It starred Henry Fonda, a true-life story of Manny Balestrero’s nightmare. He was a musician at the world famous Stork Club, and he played a rhythm that was really powerful. And in this film, Alfred Hitchcock does the same. Visually, he establishes a powerful, terrifying journey of a man caught up in a case of mistaken identity.

Bernard Herrmann’s score is fantastic. It starts out jaunty and hopeful, optimistic, and then when Manny is caught up in the fight of his life to clear his name, the score turns malevolent. Vera Miles is great here as Rose Balestrero, the wife of Manny.

Manny Balestrero is played by Henry Fonda as a man that you can identify with as an everyman, an everyday man, who wakes up, goes to work, and does whatever he has to do to feed his family and put food on the table. And when that routine is taken away, suddenly, violently, horrifically, we feel what he feels. Alfred Hitchcock does a wonderful job of portraying that on camera.

THE WRONG MAN is the right choice, and if you haven’t seen this Hitchcock film, you really must, and as I said, it is based on a true story.

Okay, thanks so much, Omar