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Roger Ebert:

On the landmark date of November 11, 2011, there is a nice coincidence with the great comedy "This is SpinalTap." This is Bill Kurtis, speaking for Roger Ebert. You could almost argue that Rob Reiner's hilarious mock documentary made the number "eleven" famous. In the film, a rock guitarist named Nigel Tufnel explains why the numbers on his amplifier go up to 11, and not 10: 

In the film, Reiner himself plays Marty DiBergi, the man allegedly making this documentary. The band has had a tragic history.
Fran Drescher hits just the right note a press agent explaining why the band's new album can't even be found in stores.
The film's secret is that the band members may be idiots, but they're holy fools, and we can't help liking them. 
Thanks, Roger.  And by the way the movie is being shown in select theaters across the country at 11PM on 11/11/11.