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Hot & Now: David Holzman's Diary / We Are the Night

Transcript for Hot & Now: David Holzman's Diary / We Are the Night

Now it’s time for our hot and now segment where we look at movies available streaming online or on DVD or On Demand. My Hot and Now pick is an under seen classic, DAVID HOLZMAN’S DIARY. Directed in 1967 by Jim McBride, it takes the form of a diary kept on black-and-white 16mm film by one David Holzman. Holzman is played by screenwriter L.M. Kit Carson. He’s a desperate, lonely, cinema-obsessed young man trying to use film theory to make sense of his life. 
DAVID HOLZMAN’S DIARY is a funny, sad and somewhat enigmatic comedy driven by Carson’s completely believable performance as Holzman. It’s a witty exploration of how cinema distorts reality. And to my mind, it’s still the finest mockumentary ever made. Despite its status as a landmark of independent American film—had a huge influence it had on such filmmakers as Brian De Palma—DAVID HOLZMAN’S DIARY is still not available on DVD, however it is currently streaming online at Fandor.com.

My Hot and Now is "We Are the Night," a stylish little thriller about vampires. And I already know what you're thinking -- you're sick of vampires. But these are hot German lesbian vampires. How do you say no to that? Three women with luxurious tastes seduce a young Berlin pickpocket and make her one of their own. As it turns out, living forever can be kind of fun.

Clip 2 -- Driving sports cars and shopping in empty department store.

Yes, director Dennis Gansel's film is knowingly splashy and tawdry. The women sleep all day and party all night. There's a vague romantic subplot involving the pickpocket and the cop who's interested in her. Still it's shot and edited beautifully, with a great, fluid energy, and I had fun -- it's a good escape. "We Are the Night" is available now on Video On Demand.