White Irish Drinkers


Genres: Drama

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In a blue-collar Irish section of 1970s Brooklyn, brothers Danny (Geoff Wigdor) and Brian Leary (Nick Thurston) come of age in a family dominated by their longshoreman father, Patrick (Stephen Lang), whose hard-drinking leaves them scrambling for a way out. As delinquent Danny and dejected mom Margaret (Karen Allen) take the brunt of Patrick's assaults, aspiring artist Brian hides his dreams. But desperate acts will threaten them all.

Cast: Nick Thurston, Geoff Wigdor, Stephen Lang, Karen Allen, Peter Riegert, Leslie Murphy, Zachary Booth, Robbie Sublett, Michael Drayer, Henry Zebrowski

Director: John Gray

Release Year: 2010

Length: 109 minutes

Rating: R

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